In The Land Where Dreams Remain A Fantasy

---------------------- Being gay - it's not my lifestyle... it's my life. -------------------
I am a slightly jaded 22-year-old Clemson student, bent on finding my place and calling in life. My undying wish to be snatched up by the boy of my dreams has yet to be fulfilled so while I wait, I have whatever architecture, art, fashion, food, music, nature, & photography I can find on here. That and the various pics of hot guys - those oh so hot guys.

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Opéra Garnier, Paris. 


Opéra Garnier, Paris. 

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and people don’t understand why I’d choose to get a smaller dog over a bigger dog

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Follow for over 95,000 examples of The Art of Man


Follow for over 95,000 examples of The Art of Man

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Color of the Day-Friday-Red

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dirtyorange asked: love your theme! Did you design it? wonderful background music too :). Also, I love the fucking color wheel. Its pretty fun to play with.

Thanks. I wish I could say that I did, but the credit goes to The most I did was decide which colours should be in the first set (I haven’t figured out how to change the other sets yet).

I did choose all the music though. I am an avid classical fan because there’s a timelessness to it that I don’t really find in any other kind of music. Back when I had only pop songs listed, the radio would overplay one of the songs, I would get tired of it, and then it would cease to be something I was crazy about. With what I have now, I can listen to these in a loop and not get tired of them because they are just so good. Hopefully when I have more time, I can go back in and add some more variation.

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Here’s the recipe since motherfuckers can’t source their shit.

sweet baby jesus

This changes everything

okay so yes plz

yes please

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